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    Good questions. First of all let me correct you, the price is $89 or $90 for single site users. $200 is for 5 sites. Also, there is no option that is $250. That said, price aside, I would pay $250 for EasySocial any day. It is fantastic.

    To answer your questions, Feature wise, it is incredibly feature rich, and they work very hard to push more features all the time. It is a young project, and it already has all the features you really need for a Social Network. All in one package. It is on a whole other level.

    There is way more backend control, user control, profile control, performance tweaking control etc.

    In terms of performance, it is way ahead of BuddyPress and JomSocial. In tests BuddyPress and JomSocial load significantly slower on a highly populated site than on EasySocial. Especially when hosted on a LEMP Stack running Nginx, Php5-fpm, MariaDB and ngx_pagespeed on Debian.

    I could answer any specific question about my experiences using EasySocial and JomSocial over the years. But I do recommend that developers take the time to get inspired by EasySocial.

    I do understand that the business model is different, but I have seen many incredible open source projects over the years, and that is no excuse. That said, maybe BuddyPress should consider a much more complete version for premium subscription or something.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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