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Switched from EasySocial on Joomla. Here is my feedback.

  • statusselect


    Ok, so I made the switch to WordPress after years of using both JomSocial and EasySocial on Joomla. I have to say, I am disappointed that EasySocial being a very very young project with a small team is so far ahead of a mature project with many contributors like BuddyPress. BuddyPress feels more like Community Builder on Joomla, than a full featured well thought out Social Networking plugin like EasySocial.

    EasySocial has done in a year what BuddyPress has not been able to do in many many years.

    I genuinely miss the sharebox/composer from the Stackideas Activity Stream. It is way more sophisticated.

    I also miss the control of how everything works. In BuddyPress if I want to customize things I gotta download third party plugins or themes, half of them are junk.

    Now, I do like that Buddypress tries to be more modular, and I love that it supports WordPress, but what are the chances of you guys taking some time to do some competitive research and improve the quality, features and settings for BuddyPress, when compared to EasySocial?

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  • rosyteddy


    The Sharebox or the equivalent of Whats New box in BP is fantastic. Its not “sophisticated” but integrates in a simple user friendly way that members need. – I agree.

    But what are the pros and cons featurewise ? Resource-hungriness? Security ? Back-up ? Code cleaniless and less-bulikness?
    Most importantly can each and every user have their own blog with own themes and widgets like WordPress Multisite ?

    Personal reason I am using WordPress- BUddypress is for the seamless WordPress Integartion [ except Favorites/Likes] – if Elgg / Oxwall / Easysocial offered this WP integration things would have been different, probably.

    Now, another important part Easyocial is $250, BP is free.. It follows a business model. [However anyone will love the approach at]. BP is developed out of free available time by Devs, and the Dev is not oriented so much towards Features out of box rather towards backend “geeky” things which is supposed to make it robust and less bulky for other devs who can produce feature-based plugin 🙂

    Easysocial sharebox and some features are what BP ideally should push in overnight but that is really never going to happen in years. I suggest you please post a detailed review and please explain how multi-blogging (each user having own blog with own theme etc) is in Easysocial.




    Good questions. First of all let me correct you, the price is $89 or $90 for single site users. $200 is for 5 sites. Also, there is no option that is $250. That said, price aside, I would pay $250 for EasySocial any day. It is fantastic.

    To answer your questions, Feature wise, it is incredibly feature rich, and they work very hard to push more features all the time. It is a young project, and it already has all the features you really need for a Social Network. All in one package. It is on a whole other level.

    There is way more backend control, user control, profile control, performance tweaking control etc.

    In terms of performance, it is way ahead of BuddyPress and JomSocial. In tests BuddyPress and JomSocial load significantly slower on a highly populated site than on EasySocial. Especially when hosted on a LEMP Stack running Nginx, Php5-fpm, MariaDB and ngx_pagespeed on Debian.

    I could answer any specific question about my experiences using EasySocial and JomSocial over the years. But I do recommend that developers take the time to get inspired by EasySocial.

    I do understand that the business model is different, but I have seen many incredible open source projects over the years, and that is no excuse. That said, maybe BuddyPress should consider a much more complete version for premium subscription or something.



    Hi @statusselect Thanks. cost $240 – Is EasySocial operable without the Blog and comments ? Please keep in mind that we, users of WP + BP, need both good blogging and commenting.

    Is there Blog like WP MS/MU blogs integrated there ? I could not find in the demo.
    By blog integration I mean each site member can have her own blog with own theme and widgets etc, nicely customizable as in WordPress Multisite. Blog posts can also be commented and “liked” from both the stream and the blog post itself. [ BP lacks both-way Liking]
    In their demo site, I found “Blog” is an App which the user has to load, and for me it did not load actually but took time and more time with the loading icon going on for ever.
    If the Multiuser Blog experience is more or less similar to WP, then yes, it is worth exploring EasySocial.

    Other questions :
    – Can Friends be stacked into various “workmate” “batchmate” etc like Elgg ?
    – Can an user Block another user ?
    – How does the script handle excerpts of blogs in stream, how does it handle toooo loooong names or words ? How does it handle Unicode?
    – How easy is the theme to customize for a non-dev? Language can be changed easily?

    I did not find any pre-sales forum there or any github repo. Which would be great. They also do not have a test-downloadable version like SocialEngine.

    Thanks for your answers.

    PS : BP devs have their own logic, priority, speed etc. Its more than six years I guess BP lacks 2 way favoriting and a standard status/whats new box. The moment you say “standard” you may hear what is standard to one is not standard to other. That way, EasySocial has very well understood the needs of “standard”. I can only wish if they integrated EasySocial with WP Multisite it would have been an unbeatablle product. Ideas have a very few or no pickers at all. Unless we can code for ourselves or have enough money to pay Devs to bring changes the way we want, posting in forum is really not going to change the evolution of BP. IMHO. Thanks.



    And it seems, the two shall never meet ……

    BTW @statusselect, have you been able to use with Easysocial with Likes/Favs comment sync between the two – stream to blog, blog to stream

    The two things lacking in BP after I saw Easysocial in some details is the
    – Sharebox – it comes with nice at mention and hashtag ( hashtag plugin in BP is not Unicode compliant)
    – Album and photo – nicely built into core – something not in BP’s agenda with their own reasoning.

    The Sharebox which Easysocial uses can be instantly done in BP by someone who has some coding skills and BP love using the plugins avaialble – buddypress activity plus, buddypress privacy, bp checkins, Event Manager and a Media plugin. But then ….

    Easysocial theme is responsive in a fantastic way and similar BP theme like the Boss of Buddyboss costs $100+ while Easysocial, without the bbundle is $90 – so this may be another attractive point for those who need Social more than multiuser blogging. Easysocial is lesser known till now and probably they do not have a favorable stance towards WP.

    And the two shall never meet ….
    People shall choose whatever they want, and BP devs and debvelopment will follow the path that suits them best. One thing is true, if BP was something like Jetpack, things would have evolved faster, imho




    Sorry, for being here repeatedly. Mods delete if needed.


    I downloaded Joomla to check out how things are as EasySocial will not run without it.
    The initial experience is Joomla is as primitive compared to WP as is BP to Easysocial out-of-the-box. I installed with some default data options but settings and configs are too complex.
    Maybe it works better for Joomla users but to me
    – no default registration box so that users can sign up and comment (its there ..way hidden)
    – no default out-of-the-box commenting ??
    – what are the differences between plugins and modules?
    Last but not the least, how can I enable Joomla so that users can come to my site and have their own blogs with own themes, covers and own side-bars with own ability for comment moderation on their individual blogs?


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