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Ideas : Take a look at

  • rosyteddy


    Its so fresh and takes unique approach to social net. Take a look. What are the ideas we can implement *now* in BP you think? If you need invite please PM me. Thanks.

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  • Henry Wright


    Hi @rosyteddy

    Which features of Ello do you think BuddyPress could benefit from having?




    Interface or UI
    very lively, fresh and dedicated. Since this is qualitative, imho, you can test any bp site and ello-co

    Discover feature
    and from there you can have “Friend” or “Noise” and the very easy switching between the two

    Privacy features
    Muting prevents further email notifications from a user and removes their past activity from your feed. The user is still able to follow you and can still comment on your posts, but you will not receive any notifications.
    Blocking mutes a user, and disables them from viewing your profile and posts.
    BP do not have Blocking, and the premium plugin that is there probably no longer works

    Excellent Media Support well integrated
    In BP, its confusing : WP has its own media repo for the user, again BP plugins store media elsewhere

    These are something that come just top off my head. You can see some more here Its not to say Ello is better or BP is better : its just sharing something new with you all – Ello is not a script we can use, BP is a script we can use and customize.



    I was looking at this website some time ago and agree about some of the features that are listed on the website and a few of them would be “Handy” to have in buddypress, but i also believe most of the features listed can be added onto buddypress via plugins or by other means, i agree that the privacy between users and choosing if you would like to block other users etc from any contact whatsoever with you would be neat (users being able to block certain activity’s from showing in their stream altogether would be great too).

    As for the media support…well, what can i say, after trying numerous solutions to get everything working right for what my site needs to do (paid and free), i have come to the conclusion that this area of buddypress is one of its biggest downfalls, you basically have limited choices from a media standpoint, meaning you can either choose from forks of outdated plugins for free that do let you have a few basic media options or you can go for plugins like rtmedia which to be honest is a really heavy plugin but works great at a performance cost! or you could opt for other paid media solutions which i have done and still found problems with etc, there is one promising plugin by buddydev which is mediapress that is still in beta and in my opinion has to much wrong with it to use in a live website yet even though it is alot less demanding than rtmedias plugin, so it becomes a waiting game or a case of settling for one of the other options.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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