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  • ok, I will do that

    I’ve found the problem

    I thought that when a group has two admins,
    one of the admins would be able to leave the group
    but that isn’t the case :s

    is it normal or can I fix it?

    (I have admin1 and and admin2
    admin1 made all the groups
    admin2 became member of some of the groups,
    but admin2 can’t leave these groups…)

    WP 3.1
    BP 1.2.8 (i’ve also tried 1.2.7 but it doesn’t help)

    i have a lot of plugins installed,
    and I hoped I didn’t have to deactivate them all,
    but I guess that’s the best thing to try

    I’ll do it now and keep you up to date

    Never mind, already found it (I didn’t think of the most obvious thing to do: put the “My Profile”-option after the groups-options and remove the ‘selected=”selected” ‘-bit)

    thanks, I will try that

    i don’t know what’s causing it, and i don’t know the solution

    but until you know, you can avoid the problem with this plugin:
    with this plugin verification mails are disabled

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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