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Can’t leave group

  • When I join a group,
    the button “join group” becomes “leave group” (as it should :-) )

    but when I refresh the page, or visit it another time
    there is no “leave group” button, nowhere…

    i’ve changed the theme already, but it doesn’t work…

    can someone help me?

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  • @mercime


    WP/BP versions? Have you deactivated plugins except BuddyPress and changed to default theme with that configuration?

    WP 3.1
    BP 1.2.8 (i’ve also tried 1.2.7 but it doesn’t help)

    i have a lot of plugins installed,
    and I hoped I didn’t have to deactivate them all,
    but I guess that’s the best thing to try

    I’ll do it now and keep you up to date

    I’ve found the problem

    I thought that when a group has two admins,
    one of the admins would be able to leave the group
    but that isn’t the case :s

    is it normal or can I fix it?

    (I have admin1 and and admin2
    admin1 made all the groups
    admin2 became member of some of the groups,
    but admin2 can’t leave these groups…)



    Looked in trac for a similar situation which would be fixed in BP 1.3. There’s a similar issue for hidden groups but the leave button showed up

    The set up right now is that If you are the only group admin, you can’t leave the group, thus the “Leave Group” button will not show up in group header. Since you already mentioned there are two group admins then the “Leave Group” button should show up.

    Log in BP trac with same username and password you used to log in here. Add new ticket and share BP/WP versions and steps to replicate your issue.

    ok, I will do that



    just found that with a different login as the Site Admin, you can’t leave a group either, unless that’s a bug of some kind.



    @dains it would be better
    – if you posted what BP/WP versions you’re using,
    – if you have deactivated all plugins and changed to bp-default theme already,
    – if that Site Admin is lone group admin
    – and other pertinent information.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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