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  • God damn! I’ve been trying to do this now and I really cant figure out how to get this done. Shame that its been a year since this was posted and yet no solution.

    Sorry I didnt really understand that :-s

    But why is it so hard to just get a ‘Forum’? I mean the first thing which comes in to 95% people’s minds is a proper stand alone forum where people can come, post and go. Why has Buddypress made things so complicated. Not trying to put down anyone, of course buddypress is one of the bestest things I have found for my website, but it isnt complete without a standalone forum.

    I CAN use an external bbpress install, but even there, bbpress screws me up by not letting me integrate into my WP theme without some circus being done (which i am totally not familiar with).

    @ WP team
    Please get a proper forum functionality into Buddypress or make bbpress a plugin for WP so that it can fit into the WP theme itself, which will save people from many hassles.

    Just my opinion. Thanks.

    In wordpress, I have set my Permalinks to

    Would that have any effect on my buddypress as well? How do I fix it though? :-(
    I cant really change the permalinks settings now as it will generate hundreds of 404 errors from search engines.

    Its the same case with me in my production site. The ‘All Members’ link the the members page links to the homepage of the website. Need help please.

    Oops :-s

    I have tried adding divs like ‘contentleft’ and ‘postarea’ though I dont know what they mean and what they do. But the sidebar still doesnt appear fine.

    I have deactivated the template pack because the only thing I think it does it just makes sure the admin bar on top comes up fine. I have instead installed a plugin to remove it completely.

    But I kind of need help in adding the divs as I have no clue about this. I am supposed to be editing the default theme files which is bundled with Buddypress. It will be great if you can let me know where in the files I need to add the divs.

    Thanks very much in advance :-)

    I am VERY, but I am a super n00b. I would really appreciate it if you can let me know about what needs to go where.
    Also, since I am using the buddypress template pack, which template file do I need to edit? The template which comes inside the buddypress directory or the template pack directory?

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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