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  • Wow :) Hempsworth is back. An I could not be happier. Now a politician and super developer. Id love to test the next version. Good to see you back.

    @ARHistoryHub Thanks for that, hopefully it will help fix the situation. @imjscn It wouldn’t happen but if it did you could just ask for the data port it over to a new site, keep it going. An finally @stwc yeah I’ve given up also.

    I’ve tried contacting @Hempsworth via a lot of different places but it does seem like he’s disappeared or given up on the plugin, or possible sick of me contacting him. If we can’t get in contact with him is anyone willing to take the code an fork it into a new like plugin. I’d take it up if I knew how too but unfortunately I’m not quite the genius that @Hempsworth is. I wouldn’t even know where to start I’m but a humble designer who wants ‘blog post likes’ to sync up with the ‘activity feed blog post likes’. Rather than they be counted as separate ‘likes’ it’s confusing. Anyway hopefully @Hempsworth will have a triumphant return otherwise were screwed for now.

    I can’t believe I’m going through this all because buddypress doesn’t support post thumbnail. An it’s not the only issue I’m having either. Buddypress is great providing you don’t want to change anything expect a few colours.

    Have you got any ideas how to fix this weird problem? You’ll probably have better idea than me.

    ahhh elementary my dear Roger, I’ll mess around with the code see what I can do. Thanks.

    @rogercoathup I have another strange issue, I’m using a front end editor so users can create blog posts I modified that using some recommended code so that the image attached will be set as a post thumbnail. Which works as it should the image is there with the post when I check the post and it appears everywhere I call for the post thumbnail such as the home page. The only place it doesn’t appear is in the Buddypress activity stream next to the excerpt. Interestingly if I go and edit or update a post that I originally created with the front end editor, the thumbnail suddenly appears in the buddypress activity stream as it should. Any thoughts on what might be going on?

    works great thanks.

    I have the post thumbnail working for buddypress blog posts activity using the code from @rogercoathup but I’m struggling to figure out how to also add the content excerpt with it. Any help would be great, I imagine it’s quite simple I just don’t have a clue how to add it. Hopefully this will help other people who might be struggling with the same problem. I’m happy with the default auto excerpt from buddypress so long as I can limit the amount of characters. Thanks.

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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