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  • tmcandle posted an update in the group Spam Eater: 5 years, 11 months ago

    At the risk of talking to myself, I am wondering if everyone is still out there have you solved this problem or moved on to another community platform. i am still getting hammered every day.

  • tmcandle posted an update in the group Spam Eater: 6 years ago

    About 30 splogs awaited me upon my arrival home yesterday. As no one has posted here in a while is there something I can do you all have figured out? If not I will go back to the same (mostly ineffective) things I was trying a year and a half ago). I would think that since this is such a big issue someone would have done something in that…[Read more]

  • tmcandle posted an update in the group Spam Eater: 6 years ago

    I am re-launching my Buddypress site again after about a year. I could not keep up with the splogs. I thought that maybe after a year the problem would be addressed – I guess I was wrong. First day I got hammered. I tried to use monteyspan too but had issues with bloted databases, etc. It would be nice to be able to have all new registations…[Read more]

  • tmcandle joined the group Spam Eater 6 years ago

  • Yes that is what I am referring to the 103 theme. I used the current buddypress default theme when I did the update (to get the site working), but it appears to be a blogging theme (a more traditional WordPress one) and not a social networking theme like the 103 was. My home page had […]

  • Will do – anyone know what it would take to make that theme compliant? I would guess a number of people would benifit from it.


  • I just had a pile of hours in that theme and the page was very nice, not really a blog on the home page, but it appears it is not upgradable. I think it was the “BuddyPress Default Home Theme 1.0.3 by Andy Peatling” which used widgets. I guess I can use any wordpress theme […]

  • Well I think the only problem was the theme. The theme used in 1.1.2 was that parent child thing. When I put the bp-default from 1.2.8 in everything works (so far). However everything REALLY looks bad. so off to themeville. Still wonder about splog signups, do I need to do anything?

  • Thanks – I will give it another try (I backed it out already). I have some people that did work on their blogs that want to use it again so I did not want to clean out their work. related question; is the splogger situation better (thats what killed it for me originally) I would […]

  • I have decided my buddypress site will live again (after about a year on mothballs) and began the upgrade process. WPMU 3.1 installed fine but when I tried to upgrade Buddypress from 1.1.2 to 1.2.8 it appeared to update OK but the site was totaly broken. When I went into the plugins list Buddypress was […]

  • tmcandle posted on the forum topic Spam registrations in the group How-To and Troubleshooting: 6 years ago

    You are correct there are dozens of threads out there and most of them are from when I put my buddypress site on hold (ver. 103 late 2009- 20010) because i could not control splogs. I tried all the suggestions from the posts but still had sploggers working around everything. I am researching the environment […]

  • The only links that work now are Home and Blog. Members, Forums and Blogs go back to the Home page. Groups gives the following error:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_group_pagination_count() in…

    Any help would be appreciated.

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