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  • I have this occurring quite a bit in various locations: not just the featured member, but also on the “who’s online” and elsewhere. One user joined a group and was suddenly there twice; he left and “both of him” left, then he rejoined and there was just one of him.

    I’ve also got duplicate posts showing up in the recent posts lists.

    Updated to latest trunk last night and the issue persists.

    I updated to 721 this morning, hoping to get the group forums running. They appear of course, but won’t post a new topic – the generic message “There was an error posting that topic.” appears, which doesn’t help me troubleshoot. Reading through the thread here, I’m not much clearer on the solution.

    WPMU, BBPress, and BuddyPress all installed and running, with integrated logins (the whole salt thing).

    I’m wondering if I should have something different entered in the “Group Forum Settings.” I started with the ‘admin’ username and password, which is set to “Key Master” rights in bbPress. I then tried it with a different username set to “Administrator” rights in bbPress, but still no forum joy.

    Any pointers on this? I need a pinch more black art here…

    That’s got it, thanks Andy. Keep up the good work.

    I have a similar (the same) issue – generic error message states:

    You are attempting to log out of [blog name]

    Please try again.

    Fresh install, going into a brief beta and hoping to launch publicly in January.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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