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  • It’s a shame these workarounds are necessary, but I have managed to link them together by targeting the sql table directly. All I’ve done so far is create a field in each node to hold a Buddy Press group slug.

    There is still the matter of creating a Buddy Press group automatically every time a node is created. I just need to spend a little time studying the Buddy Press code, so I’ll be able to use it’s own native functions to do that.

    Thanks Varun. I actually needed to go back further than that, but I was able to figure it out. Why don’t they put an index in there? I had to type several version numbers before I got one that actually existed.

    In case you’re curious, I got all excited when I discovered BP Groups Hierarchy, until I realized it doesn’t work. Apparently, it did at one time, but it started developing problems with BuddyPress 5.0, and hasn’t been updated since.

    I was thinking of trying to fix it, but now I’m thinking it might be easier to just start from scratch. Instead of trying to make the groups hierarchical, I used the Pods plugin to build a tree, each node of which will have it’s own group.

    Thanks Varum,

    I was a little confused, because I was having trouble even creating groups, due to a problem that has been corrected in the latest version. I see now that my problem is largely solved, by simply hiding the member directory, so you have to know someone’s ID before you can invite them to your group.

    That might seem like an inconvenience to my users, but I am concerned about their privacy above all else.

    Anyway, thanks for your suggestion. I will have a look at it.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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