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  • the same question for WP Super Cache. Any thought or available topic?

    OMG @neononcon please tell me how I could be forgiven for my silly delay? Chaos ‘s reigned in my world for a couple of months and I forgot about Buddypress until it turns to wonderful 1.6.
    – Yeah, Theme paid.
    – Too bad I did not notice about the confused users when both Sidewide and Group’s forums are enabled and now I do not know how to do. But I wonder why Buddypress team does not make this better blending the use of them.
    – No spam! Wangward, Akismet and WordPress Hashcash have destroyed them while I was having coffee.

    PS: For anyone who wants to ask me questions, mention me, otherwise I may miss you.

    @djpaul great news, so Buddypress 1.6 must be awesome. Yes, I tried to install Super Cache now on BB 1.5 and get some bugs.

    I only want to add some text to help people register easier.

    bump, any idea?

    geat job @poolie I have been looking your site, couldn’t belive that is a buddypress website at the first galance. How did you integrate a mobile apps into wordpress? I am courious how your business is running? I hope all goes well.

    I can see in the forum wizard of BuddyPress 1.5.4, there are 2 options: Forums for Groups and Site Wide Forums. Do you mean to suggest me to choose the Site Wide Forums?

    Yeah, I did that and things seem to be good except I can not see the Forums page displayed on the menu (even I can see things are working though Admin panel). When I try to access the forum pages manually by entering their URLs, the links are broken. What am I missing here?

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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