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  • Can someone please help?

    Hi @imjscn , thank you for the steer. I am very new to Wp+BP. Can you pls guide me which components can be reused/duplicated from Groups?

    Hi @applegateian

    I am looking at doing something similar. Could you please share your solution?

    Many thanks

    Can someone please help?

    Hi @nickbwatson Hope you are well. Could you duplicate the Groups functionality? I have a similar requirement. If you can share your solution that will be immensely helpful.

    Many Thanks

    Hi @r-a-y and @stuffsone, I am new to php, WP+BP. Could you please help me with exclude few Groups From the Loop. I would like to create a general group and donot want to display it in the Sidebar. Can we use the exclude parameters of bp_has_group in widget_logic? If yes can you help me with the syntax?
    Also I want to use the group functionality for Projects (as there is no plugin which fits the bill – I think I tried most of them ( Collabpress, BP GTM, Propel…)
    I am planning to create groups as projects but want them to be displayed under project tab (and not displayed under Group tab)
    do you have any other recommendation?

    Hi @boonebgorges can we specify the exclude bp_has_group parameters in widget_logic for excluding some groups from getting displayed?

    Appreciate your help. Thank you

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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