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  • Joseffb, please read the posts.

    The very first post says “I have installed WPMU & BP on my server (IIS7, latest PHP & MySql) and everything works great on the first site.”
    The very last (right before your post) post says “Hi, I am still having problem with broken links on IIS 7.0, WP 3.0.3, BP 1.2.6.”

    And I’m sure you “Had the same issue.” The only trouble is you are not running IIS…

    I just went though every post and do not see anybody with a problem mentioning whether you are working with sweet potatoes or white potatoes. Just to mention that they are not the same thing, not even close, and the same refers to Apachi vs. MS IIS.

    I’m running Win 2008r2 Server with IIS7.5 (key information), any BuddyPress links are missing index.php in the url. Does anyone have a solution for this case (plese do not tell me that I need to enable mod_rewrite or any other silly thing)

    Thank you,


    When you fail to read previous posts then of course it’s a solution by installing Apache module on IIS. How’s that working for you!?! Dah… I’m sure you won’t read this post either.


    I looked at your site, and it looks like you’ve figured it out. Would you share your solution?

    I see hundreds of posts with this problem for buddypress running under IIS not adding index.php in the link, but most of the people just throw at you suggestions without reading posts – mainly they fail to understand that IIS is not the same as Apachi.



Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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