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  • Wayne Moses Burke


    I struggled with inserting the code that @r-a-y provided above until I realized that in copying it, the single quote marks became opening and closing quote marks. A simple fix with a lot of running around attached to it. Thought someone else may find this helpful.

    Wayne Moses Burke


    Okay – here’s what I did to “fix” it: I had added a member to the group just before the problems started. I removed the member from the db using phpMyAdmin and the group is back. I’m not sure why all of this happened, but here are some possibilities for anyone that wants to track it down:

    I added the member using the BP Group Management plugin.
    The member was a system admin when I added them.
    I then demoted them to author level.
    I may have promoted or demoted them as an admin on the group also.
    I was trying to determine the interaction between the group email subscription plugin and what happens when you Kick and Ban a user.

    Happy to work it through more if anyone wants to.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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