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  • nisain posted an update 13 years ago

    @wcastillo Hi Will,
    The plugin you have created Bpckeditor was lovely, I read about it and was really loved to make it work in my buddypress site… but when I installed the plugin from the admin side of my site and then it activated successfully but nothing changed in the forum page.. then I tried to upload it from ftp, then again I activated s…[Read more]

  • nisain posted an update 13 years ago

    @wcastillo Hi,
    I read about ur bpCKEditor… It’s awesome… It will be really good… But the problem is i’m not getting it working… I’m trying this for the past 4 days… I installed directly from wordpress admin page, and then removed and uploaded from ftp, activated gave the settings, but could not see any ckeditor in any of the forum…[Read more]

  • suussss posted an update 13 years, 1 month ago

    @wcastillo @wcastillo


    First of all, I want to say that I love your bpCKEditor. It worked the first time that I installed it. But after I deactivated it because I had to fix some problems at the site, it didn’t work anymore. The General settings were also empty. What do I have to fill in those lines?

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