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1.5 update More Not Found: Post Update Activity

  • After the 1.5 update, selecting a group and attempting to post an update yields “Not Found” and no activity
    update (url displayed = http://[]/activity/post). Went through the set up wizard, took all the defaults, pages are associated with Activity, Groups, etc. BTW It would be helpful if the documentation included cross-references of links to module so that the right script could be identified. Thanks.

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  • More resolution through plugin elimination. Don’t know which was the culprit but it seems “all the features I love” doesn’t love me back. Yet, anyway. And I found the module that posts the update (bp-activity-functions.php)

    “WP_DEBUG true” also decided to play nice and give me a full horizontal screen display rather than the vertical
    jumble I got when I first set it. As they say on Ghosthunters…on to the next.

    P.S. For you newbies out there (which I am a “non-deprecated” member) you may want to cautiously apply plugins after the install, and keep a shopping list of what you want rather than cavalierly applying any and all that appeal (no
    matter how many stars they have).

    It’ll save a lot of repeat work in the long run.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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