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1.7 theme defined

  • Famous


    I understand that @r-a-y @hnla @mercime and @djpaul are working on a 1.7 theming solution. However, if you could explain your thoughts on how this will unfold that would be great. I have viewed your trac ticket and do not seem to be grasping the idea.

    As a user of BP & WP, I would think that many other users would like to take variables such as, “ and plugin them in to whatever template chosen. The expectation is that, this is the way 1.7 will work? I know that there was a discussion about the look of the theme for 1.7, however for those of us who don’t want a pre-packaged look, how will 1.7 address these users.

    Wordpress addresses this by using includes for headers, sidebars & footers – can BP apply this to activity streams, profiles, groups, friends, etc…?

    Defined Classes and IDs for all elements would help designers/developers to create their own personalities on the web & should be sufficient in the way WP themes and variables work.

    At this point BP seems like it would be in a mature enough part of its lifecycle to accommodate WP usability.

    If someone has time to address this, it would help. If you could please define the expectations of 1.7’s theming capabilities it would be much appreciated.

    Thank you.

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  • modemlooper


    BuddyPress 1.7 will use page.php and override the_content() to display BP content. Think in terms of page template hierarchy in WP. single.php gets overridden by single-{post type}.php

    You can then just create the custom template parts and style it however you want. BP will have base files and styles to make it work with most themes. When 1.7 gets closer to release I’ll blog a bit about how to customize.



    @famous BP 1.7 is not due anytime soon. There’s just still so much more to be done and everything should be settled and tested before any documentation is finalized/released. So if you’re going to launch this month or early next month, recommend either create bp-default child theme OR use WP theme with BP Template Pack plugin OR use BP-ready WordPress theme.

    The most basic rendition of BP components will just be like how the bbPress plugin forums are rendered with very minimal effort on your part and you can add customizations via shortcodes, style.css or functions.php files. That’s all there is to it. The trac ticket seeks to provide options for developers to customize the structure of each BP component page further, among other things.



    So from the explanation of both @modemlooper & @mercime the understanding in minimal terms is the following:
    Every BP page I drop into my WP child template will override the core file as it does presently. And in order to create my page I simply drop in shortcodes to develop my page.php, then I apply my CSS to style & design my page. Question – are there already shortcodes in place that I can create a page.php with?

    Please explain what @r-a-y is saying with using user_nicename. Why would someone want to create a template for a specific user?

    and how would you do that without making a huge mess in your template directory?

    Also this would explain how to create different templates for different groups?
    For instance:
    `/wp-content/themes/twentytwelve/buddypress/members/single/home-{group ID = 1}.php`

    Is that correct?

    Using these files one could create their own fully templated BP site?:



    /* Ignore these





    Nothing is set in stone at this time. Anything or everything can still be revised or deleted.

    As Mercime says I would not get to fixated on things too much yet, thing can and will change and naming conventions are yet to be established, the main concern was to simply have something that approached the WP template hierarchy system in the ease of overloading files by appending slugs and as can be seen in bbPress.

    Without this ability it was going to prove awkward to create custom views as every BP screen/component injected into one sinle parent wrapper – page.php initially- and one would have had to start adding a lot of conditional logic to one single file in order to do something simple like lose the sidebar on a given screen.

    Boone Gorges


    > Reconsider finishing a solution under 1.7.

    Releasing something half-finished is not in the plans. Thanks for your patience.



    @famous there’s no reason to hold off with a BP project or rush the developers because of the theme. Use BP Template Pack to make your WP theme compatible with BP for 1.6+ version. then when BP 1.7 rolls out, you can choose to deactivate the BP template pack plugin and remove the 6 folders and you’re set

    We have template-packed more than 100 WP themes so far. Your theme might be one of those listed at



    Is there some kind of definition for what 1.7 means for theme (child theme) development yet? Can someone project a clear vision?

    @johnjamesjacoby @modemlooper @mercime @r-a-y @hnla @mercime and @djpaul




    Please do not ping core developers and moderators of this forum for this topic. You are free to download BP 1.7 trunk and check it out in a test installation:
    svn co
    or get the zip file at the bottom of this page

    Thanks @famous but I get enough emails as it is and only want notifications if they are important for me to check on πŸ™‚ .


    As for the ticket referenced earlier in this thread ignore it as important as it was, it’s been punted/shelved and won’t happen for this initial release. If you want or need to customise templates and are stuck by the constraints of whatever template file BP injects into i.e page.php then your main option is as before really simply oberload the BP files as before /members/single/home.php in your custom theme .

    John James Jacoby


    I’ll second Hugo and Mercime; pinging everyone multiple times is annoying, and not the right way to get answers.



    Thought that was just a way to communicate. Don’t worry, that was my final question for you guys. Peace out.

    John James Jacoby


    Don’t worry, that was my final question for you guys.

    You can be mad, or you can have compassion for the umpteen other fires we put out on a daily basis. Repeatedly pinging us to answer questions for you, that you could answer yourself by checking out trunk, doesn’t help us get 1.7 released sooner, it only makes us your search engine. πŸ™‚



    Your Anger is a Gift
    RATM – Know Your Enemy

    I don’t take things personal, I take them for what they are.

    When Andy started this thing way back when, I committed to his process and his talents. So for better or worst I am going to make this work, because I could see his vision, and he took the time to help others see it. The vision is no longer clear for me, so I hoped to get some clarification. I think only the dev’s know whats going on with 1.7, not the actual users. I understand you dev’s are busy, I am merely saying I will step aside to get out of your way.

    And finally, as RATM says, your anger is a gift. And I choose to use it to be constructive, rather than destructive.

    Therefore peace out, happy holidays and I wish you guys the best of luck with your vision!

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