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2.2 Member Types – Setting user member types during registration (xProfile)

  • tstrickland415


    Hey all,

    The new BP 2.2 Member Types were really easy to implement, but is there a way to have a user select which member type they would like to be during registration and have it automatically reflect in the Dashboard (versus having to manually change each new user registration)?

    For example, I have two Member Types: Photographers and Video Directors. Can I link an xProfile field from the Registration page to automatically reflect which option they choose?

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  • _natty_


    greetings to all,
    I put the code suggested @danbp on my bp-custom and everything ok but no mapping trough the extra Xfield type… then I add the suggested plugin ( ), but I can’t see any setting page or a guide to edit the file from the plugin for mapping the Xfield.
    how can solve it?
    Thanks in advance



    Sorry for keeping you guys in the dark but what I’ve discovered is that BP’s implementation of member types is pretty underwhelming since it’s only an xprofile field. In regards to my original use case, I discovered I was better off defining custom user roles (AKA member types) and adding appropriate permissions. This can easily be achieved with a few simple lines of code in your functions.php or your custom plugin. If coding isn’t your thing then there are a bunch of freemium plugins available for you to use. Why the Buddypress team elected not to leverage WordPress’ built in User Roles for this feature is beyond me, but if anybody is still looking for an answer to this then I highly recommend checking out the WordPress Codex on User Roles and Capabilities. Hope this helps!



    Hi tstrickland415

    i think it was the right decision not to integrate BP Member Types with WP Roles– they are different.

    Member Types is a front-end kind of thing. It describes the kind of user, eg their ‘title’: Coach, Artist, Student, Teacher, Apprentice, etc. These can be reflected in the Member’s public profile page: “Hi, I’m an: Artist” etc.

    Roles determine back-end privileges. Authors can only do certain things on the back-end. Admins can do other things.

    In my WP, we have Types: Apprentice, Artist, and Team-Member. ALL are Role: “Author”– they all have the same back-end privileges.


Viewing 3 replies - 26 through 28 (of 28 total)
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