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2 Separate Member Experiences, 1 Site??

  • blair_gapzip


    I have a few questions that I need answered about Buddypress.

    WordPress version: 3.4.2
    BuddYPress version: 1.6.1

    We have a membership site that includes the following:
    -Wordpress Woo Canvas Theme

    We want to split our community into 2 separate communities using Level-1 and Level-2 access for specific members.

    We ultimately want to create 2 different member experiences using 1 website. Is it possible with BuddyPress to:

    1. Redirect members to their own homepages based on their membership level (1 or 2)?
    2. Make BuddyPress plugin only accessible for Level-2 S2Members?

    Does anyone have any suggestions? We are looking for a solution without having to create an entirely separate membership site.

    Many thanks!!

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  • @mercime


    Last time I checked, Woo Canvas theme even with the BP Template Pack doesn’t work with BuddyPress… JS conflicts. Please check theme author’s forums if they have even resolved this issue.

    Best way to test your BP install is to use the BP Default theme to check if everything — group creation, member registration etc — is in working order before using another theme.

    Re S2Member plugin, have you searched or asked at the s2member plugin’s forums? I’ve seen some pointers there about limiting access there before.

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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