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4 Request

  • mjheidari



    i have 4 Requests

    1.html editor(TinyMCE, wordpress editor,…) when select “multi-line text box” option in “profile field setup”

    2.anyone of visitor can send wire(ex. comment in post)

    3.each user have a photo album and access to this from panel(ex. )

    4.user have only username and can not access to create blog


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  • Hello

    Point 4 is a standard WPMU option and can be found in the Site Options panel of the admin interface.

    Photo albums are something that will become a part of BuddyPress eventually (i.e. don’t hold your breath). There is an interim plugin you can use which provides a photo gallery to BuddyPress. I haven’t used it myself but you can find it on

    The big problem I can see with point 2 is that you are inviting spammers and vandalism in to your site.




    using capcha image for spam.

    point 3 OK!

    point 4 OK!

    but point 1,3 very imortant



    Point 1 – No one has tackled this yet.

    Point 3 –

    As DJPaul has said, this is a 3rd party plugin, which isn’t an official BuddyPress component, but does a good job. An official BuddyPress album plugin is in the works.



    excuse me.

    point 1,2 important and point 2 very very important!


    Please stop posting the same message. There is one lead developer on BuddyPress who works for Automattic, and he has a roadmap full of things to work on. The current target is BuddyPress v1.0.4 (a bugfix release) and as you can see from this thread, there are lots of known bugs to resolve to get v1.0.4 out the door, let alone implementation of any new features.

    If for your website there are some priority features you require which haven’t been written yet, either learn to code/code them in yourself or hire someone to develop them for you.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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