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404 error in admin.css thats causing really slow load time

  • charlietech


    I have asked the developer about this but hes not responding and i need this fix to finish asap.

    if you look at this link, line 21 you see that the admin.css is not being found and loading really slow. LINE 21

    Im using suffusion 4.3.3 and buddypress 1.6.1 and the issue is with the suffusion bp pack. Its not reading the code. what could i do to fix it beside removing it? how would i go about it?

    Would it matter if i change the code location or would the same error pop up in a different location?

    this was a quote from the developer
    “BP changed something that I wasn’t aware of (I don’t know if they documented this as a change, to be honest”.

    What have you guys change for my admin.css not to be read? I really need this issue fixed.

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  • @mercime


    @charlietech I believe I’ve seen you post the same issue in WP forum and here some time ago. The issue is with the Suffusion BP pack plugin, please contact the theme/plugin developer.



    Thanks @mercime,

    What about this problem, I cant login to my site on my smartphone. when i was able to login about a month and a half ago, the buddypress activity plus, and buddypress share it didnt show up on the phone. what could be the issue? I have deactivated all the plugins



    charlietech – It looks like a problem with Suffusion. Tell the Suffusion developer to search through his theme code to look for “adminbar.css”. The developer is probably trying to enqueue it without a `file_exists()` check.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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