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404 for ‘Register’ page only when BuddyPress is activated.

  • timothylegg


    WordPress 4.9.8
    BuddyPress Version 3.1.0

    I have used WordPress for a few years after replacing a 90’s-era handwritten website, but I have never really explored the features of the software or experimented with breaking/damaging plugins.

    This however is a fresh installation I made tonight. BuddyPress is the only plugin installed. When BuddyPress is deactivated /register/kim/ works as expected. When BuddyPress is activated though, attempts to click to register, this happens:

    The requested URL /register/kim/ was not found on this server.

    I read some ancient posts that mentioned mod_rewrite. Rewrite is enabled. The other stuff, I don’t know about. I expected BuddyPress to just work. Apparently this one is broken on arrival. It seems this has been an issue going on several years. Is there a straightforward approach to fixing this or is self-registration is sacrificed in order to use BuddyPress?

    I should re-iterate. I customized nothing, other than modifying “Just a typical WordPress site” to something less cliche.

    I do have full access and ownership of the host machine and it is live with a DNS record.

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  • timothylegg


    I am aware of a mistyped expression.


    should be


    due to transcribing from another machine.



    Any suggestions or is this still a known and unsolved issue with BuddyPress?

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