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937 lines of bugs !!!

  • Hi,
    when I WP DEBUG true I got in my log file 937 lines og bugs and the most of them are from buddypress !!
    how can I resolve theme ?

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  • I’m using buddypress 1.2.8 and wordpress 3.1.4



    These are not bugs, they’re notices, meaning that the plugin will still work. These have been resolved in BP 1.5, btw.

    Ah OK :)
    Thank you.

    could I fix some of theme ? because I wouldn’t upgrade so far !

    Well, yes. But it’s a very, very, very large amount of work. I don’t understand your logic when you say that you don’t want to upgrade to 1.2.9 because of the PHP notices (all of which would be in 1.2.8). If you’re being picky, wait a matter of weeks for BP 1.5.

    @djpaul l wouldn’t upgrade because I’ve edited many files so if I upgrade I’ve to edit them all a second time, also I’m using many plugins that are not compatible with 1.5 :(

    You’ve caused this difficulty for yourself, really. Unfortunately I cannot do much other than suggest you set up a test site and re-implement all your changes onto a new 1.2.8 using custom plugins to customise the hooks and filters. And then switch that clean version of BuddyPress, and then you’ll be in a good position to upgrade to BP 1.5.

    Geat Idea! I’ll try it..
    Thank you very much Paul :D you are great person

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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