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A Frustrating Issue with creating profile menu’s resolved

  • billzy


    I have been working on this problem for about a week now… Almost impossible to find the correct support on the internet to answer such a simple question that I know already has (from reading) and will pissoff many developers & designers alike who like I are still grasping what is a very big buddypress addon to wordpress (which is big enough in itself to learn in detail).

    THE PROBLEM: Cant design a custom home profiles in the single profile due to the way bp_nav works….

    THE SOLUTION: Re create your own menu in css html or however else you like to ;) But use this in your theme bp_user_link()

    As an additional note when i was playing around with this I was trying all kinds of things… such printr($bp->bp_nav) for future reference for others, in my case that function rendered the current permalink of the profile you are within….

    Hope this helps someone, Originally I was considering holding onto this knowledge however I always realise Buddypress is still very young and we need more people to adopt it as the right solution so therefor this information may help the community grow in some areas of navigation within home profile.

    The next question which lies ahead is how to stop seeing me viewing your setting menu option (privacy wont allow however I don’t want to display the link)

    If anyone has the answer to that feel free to contribute to assist with growing the ability of navigation within profile pages….

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  • billzy


    Just to update this to close all issues of this topics as I left with a question how to hide items based on navigation in profiles.

    So after applying the above solution into your links, then to section off other profile pages ie. I am on my profile page so i can see settings & messages tabs.. but on a friends page those boxes are hidden.

    To do this;

    ? php if (bp_current_user_id() == bp_loggedin_user_id()): ?
    Add content here that you only want to see in your personal
    ? php endif ?

    All this is asking is if the current profile page user ID # (for the table row) is equal to the logged in user (You) ID#…. That returns True or False… If the answer is True then move forward. .

    If your looking to reverse this idea and show something only on others profile pages simply add one ! …. !bp_current_user_id() that will reverse the effect.

    There …That took me ages but it will save anyone looking to become creative with their profile menu….

    Lastly, I will not be answering any questions about how to implement this, its a basic copy paste job now if you cant do that then perhaps look at other less flexible options.

    Hope this all helps…

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