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A list of updated and recommended plugins

  • rosyteddy


    Is there any updated version of this page: so that we can see a list of plugins that works with buddypress.2.5.0 +

    The current list is not only not helpful but confusing also.
    For example: it recommends as Media plugin but this does not seem to work with the latest BP
    Another example: it lists
    When I spend some time to go to that page I find “Whoops! We couldn’t find that plugin. Maybe you were looking for one of these?”

    Whoops!! Can some one post a list of updated and recommended plugins. Particularly I am looking for
    – Photo with photo-tagging (rtmedia tagging does not work, tried in latest FF)
    – Event and Location, that lets you post the same from the status box
    – Like or Favorit, that lets you like from both the post page and the stream ( 2 way )


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  • Henry Wright


    Unfortunately there isn’t a page which shows a list of working and broken plugins. However, you can use the WordPress review system and support forums to check what people are currently saying about a particular plugin. If it works, any bugs or issues should all be posted there.

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