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A newbie question about trunks

  • Sgrunt


    I know this could be a very stupid question: Andy said that the rc1 widget problem is fixed in the latest trunk (thank you).

    It would mean that we should download every single page here: and reupload them?

    Or there are only some pages involved in this process?

    And then, it is possible to download the whole trunk in an unique file?

    Really sorry for this question, for us non english speaking users some little things can be harder.

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  • Andy,

    Any chance you could just tell us the fix for RC1? I’ve spent days getting first Beta 1 and then RC 1 cleaned up for localization and redoing my language files. I’d really rather not start that process all over again with a trunk version.

    John James Jacoby


    @sgrunt, if you are lucky enough to be using a PC, download TortoiseSVN and install it. It’s a little unorthodox at first, but it will allow you to tap into the power of SVN, and export the files from the server right onto your computer into whatever directory you choose. Then you can just upload them with your favorite FTP program (I suggest SmartFTP myself) and you’re done!



    many thanks john, i’ve used tortoise and i’ve reuploaded the trunk. now the problems seems fixed



    how bout for us Mac users?

    Jeff Sayre



    There are several SVN Clients for OS X users. Below are the two I would recommend:

    1. I use Panic’s Coda ( ) for my IDE. It has a built in SVN client. Of course, Coda costs.

    2. If you want/need a free solution, then you can install the SCPlugin which is open source ( ).

    Alternatively, here are a few other options–some of which also cost:

    Devin Reams


    SVN (command line via Terminal) is also built in to Leopard. Just cd to your wp-content/plugins directory and do:

    svn co buddypress

    This will check out the trunk to the ‘buddypress’ directory. Any time you want to update trunk simply browse and do:

    svn update buddypress




    Hi all.

    Could someone tell what to select and what to enter where in Tortoise SVN?




    Just to add my 2 cents,

    I’m using Eclipse as my IDE, and have had great luck with phpeclipse and subclipse. Because eclipse is java based it is cross platform, for the ide and plugins. I have used this setup on both a Ubuntu system and my Current Mac.

    I have 3 projects currently “checkout out” the Buddypress trunk, the WPMU trunk, and my private svn for personal development. This allows me to look at source code for everything. I only have submission permissions on my private svn, which is probably good.

    On my server I can also use the command line and checkout the files and copy them into the required directories.

    Hopefully this inspires someone,


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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