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A Problem with the members page

  • richardrcook2


    Hello. I’m using the Twenty Fifteen theme. WP version 5.8. BP version 9.0.0.

    On my members page, the Last Active list (of members) worked well for the past several years. But now, after I went into Tools > BuddyPress > Repair and repaired all of the items on the list, the members page’s Last Active list isn’t working the same. The members page no longer tells me who was active last unless a member signs in after this change occurred, but all of the other members below him or her on the list tells me that they’ve been active months ago, which may and may not be the case.

    I know that there have been other members who have been active much more recently, but the page isn’t giving me that correct information the way it did before I repaired those items.

    Can anybody help me with this problem please? Let me know if you need more information or if you need me to explain my problem better. Thanks.

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  • richardrcook2


    Here’s the link to my site I forgot to include:



    This is still broken. I just had the same issue happen to me.

    Anonymous User 18187419


    This was exactly the issue I had a few months ago.
    Noticed some of the Last Actives seemed to be inaccurate.
    Used the Repair Tool, thinking it would solve it.
    Suddenly all 13000 members of my site were set back to “last active 9 months ago”
    Big problem!
    I run a dating site, the “last active” is important.
    Consulted with hosting, we decided on a quick fix of server rollback to previous day’s backup.
    We lost 12 hours user activity. But crisis averted.

    Is this Repair Tool problem a known issue?

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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