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A Reward System that’s not mycred

  • I want to reward users with unique points, points that they get from liking logging in, points will be deducted by unlocking posts, adding new friends, points will be added for accepting requests, and if requests get accepted the sender that lost points will gain it back. That’s a summary of it… But what I want is how to go about this thing I want. I don’t want to use mycred, I know basic PHP. I don’t want anybody to give me an answer that will discourage me. Answers like “sorry buddypreas doesn’t have/ support bla bla bla for now, you can try some rabble rabble rabble” anything is possible with programming y’ll know that. Anything we do will live here forever, so why don’t we make something work making.

    I want this to be done. How can I achieve this? For once let me do something that will make a change for once. There are a lot of big programmers here but I don’t know what they are doing? Are u tired of programming?

    What sources do I need to start this? Come on guys… Let’s go to the future NOW, let’s stop acting it in movies. Thanks. ♥

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Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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