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Ability to conditionally hide required xprofile fields

  • beekoff


    Hi – I’ve run into an issue (via BP Member Types Pro plugin) where the registration button won’t submit under the following circumstance:

    – the registration form contains required xprofile fields that have been conditionally hidden

    The plugin itself is doing its job of first associating xprofile fields with member roles, and then allowing them to conditionally show/hide on the registration form as needed (based on member roles). But in turns out that such a form won’t submit, as the code running the registration process is still checking for any of these fields that are required (even though they’re hidden). It’s not distinguishing. I’ve touched base with the plugin’s developer (Brajesh @ BuddyDev) and he’s said, “I do agree that there should be a simple way for [developers] to mark a field as non required (in html attributes). It is still doable but too complex at the moment. Please do report it.”

    Might anyone have a workaround?

    Much thanks,

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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