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about the member theme folder

  • dodo


    i think wpmu should judge the theme type before show in the admin interface.

    if it’s for buddypress then just skip it. so we can put any member theme in the wpmu theme folder.

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  • Aron Jay


    this is what i\’m looking for a solution..

    EDIT: do you mean that if u upload a theme on wp-content\themes all bp themes should not show on sub blogs back end menu if they would like to chose a theme?

    am i right?



    Take a look at the latest trunk

    They have re-organised the themes into a bp-themes folder. Maybe in the future you could drop any member theme in there and manage it through the admin to select what theme you want to use.

    At the moment its just more logical.

    Member themes are not and cannot be used as a home theme, or on any normal WP blog. It makes no sense to suggest they should live in the regular theme folder and is frankly rather silly to suggest.



    to DJPaul

    it’s all about consolidation and managment. i think WP not only a blogware but also a CMS. so it will forge alot of MODULES just like Drupal does.BuddyPress is one of them. if all modules put it’s theme a diffrent folder, it’s not an error, just somewhat chaos for developers/site admin.

    i DO know buddypress user theme cannot used by WP blog.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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