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Account activation email not sent by BuddyPress

  • ejoopasco



    WP version 6.2,
    BP version 11.1.0,
    PHP version 7.4

    I want an activation mail setup during the registration process, as the site needs a double-opt-in for the registration of new users.

    the problem is as follows:

    • A user registers
    • An email is sent to the admin, that a user registered
    • BUT the promised activation email to the user does not get sent.

    as I thought this might be a common problem, of course I have done some research and found no fitting solution, as the mails in general do work, what the solutions claim to fix.

    I have also done excessive testing.

    I found no cause/solution and so I supect a BP/WP bug or misconfiguration I did not find.

    I confirmed via MailHog and the “Post SMTP” plugin that the mail does not get sent at all, but other mails get sent. So from my point of view there is NO Problem with SMTP or mail sending in general.

    When I reject the user in the confirmation process, then a mail gets sent to the user.

    I have checked the Mail-Templates of BP, repaired them twice and checked for the trigger “Der Empfänger hat sich registriert”, in english: The recipient has registered”.
    All this happens on the local and the production server.

    I deactivated as much other plugins as possible to exclude them as source of the error.

    Everything seems to be fine. But the Email does not get sent. I am totally stuck.

    Can someone help?
    E.g. confirm the activation mail gets sent/not sent?

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  • ejoopasco


    Hope to help someone else stumbling upon this. problem I identified the cause of this behaviour.
    In Settings -> BuddyPress -> Options I activated

    Allow visitors to request site membership. If enabled, an administrator must approve each new site membership request.

    If I deactivate that, the mail gets send.
    I guess that is intended. Maybe I need to make a feature request now.

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