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Account and Notifications setting for all users accessible only to admin

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    I recently installed BuddyPress and want to make it a special feature for my blog community.

    I spent a few days trying to study and understand the plugin. In my final analysis of my needs, I chalked out a few of my requirements but could not find the related settings in the admin.

    I wonder if you can help me out in making these features/settings possible on my BuddyPress enabled blog.

    1) I do not want to allow my users to modify their account directly from their profiles, but I want them to have control over the email notification settings. Is that possible?

    2) If not, is it possible to disable the email notifications for users but keep the toolbar notification enabled?

    3) If that is also not possible, then can the admin only have all the control over settings (account settings for all users be enabled for the admin).

    I’m sure many people (admins) would like to have more control and options over settings and notifications.

    4) I had about a dozen notification but I observed that there is not “select all” feature to delete or read them all. Eventually I had to individually delete all the dozen notification one by one, which took a lot of time as the page refreshes after every individual action. Can there be a “check all” feature enabled?

    Early help would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks.

    WP: 3.9.1
    BP: 2.0.1

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