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  • Neru Tu Kaze


    Well hello there, I’m not much of a PHP developer or scripter. And i wanna a badge or achivement system for my current users, it seems a good idea since its godammit boring for the users and me with just the basic facebook YAY stuff (well we all know that the “games” on facebook is the only reason its still up and running, not the status and that shit). So thats where the person with the knowledge comes in (or you),and make me a little funny plugin, that makes me able to make and costomize some badges and give it out for the nice little kiddies out there, or maybe somekinda “if else” statement. Ok what I try to say (for you slow people) is, can somebody please guide me thro or show me how to make a badge/achivement system for buddypress?, or maybe if theres somebody very very nice person who wants to make a plugin with very very many features?…Since I’m not smart enouth to do that?…kinda.

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Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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