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Activate & Register pages – no joy

  • nihow


    I’m running 2.2.0 on WP 4.1 on a local development server.

    I activated Buddypress when ‘Anyone can Register’ was off. Switched it on, but the Activate and Register pages are not autogenerated as the Codex suggests they should be.

    I’ve tried reinstalling and retrying with all other plugins deactivated and default WP theme 2015 activated. I’ve also followed the (now-outdated) codex instructions about template hierarchy and created copies of the template files in a child theme directory. None of these work.

    I can successfully create pages ‘Activate’ and ‘Register’ in WordPress and select them in Settings > Buddypress > Pages, but both just load the home page, not ‘activate.php’ or ‘register.php’. (This is true regardless of what theme is active, so is not theme-related).

    Can anyone assist?

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