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Activating BuddyPress correctly

  • Hi Community, hope you can help me:

    I’ve installed WordPress Mu current ( on a server running Suse Linux 11.1, Apache 2 and MySQL.

    I’ve left the rights to rwx,rwx,rwx to the installation including subdirectories.

    After that I downloaded BuddyPress current release 1.1.3 ( into wp-content/plugins folder and unzipped it, logged in as admin and activated the PlugIn.

    I now have the problem that when I go to the BuddyPress Menu (logged in as admin, still) -> My Account, and try to invoke any submenu, the specified folders aren’t generated from BuddyPress. So there is always the message “Object/ URL cannot be found. Error 404” in the browser. For example for -> myAccounts -> Settings -> General or myAccounts -> Settings -> Notification, the URLs myUrl/wordpress-mu/members/admin/settings/general/ (for General) and myURl/wordpress-mu/members/admin/settings/notifications/ (for Notification) are missing.

    The same problem occurs in the Menu Notifications.

    The only thing which works is the Menu My Blogs.

    Did I omit or forget something?

    I would be very pleased if you could help me

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