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activation email / new users

  • Michael Torbert


    I have WPMU 2.7 and the latest BuddyPress from trunk.

    There are a few things that don’t seem to be working right. Maybe I’m missing something simple.

    -when a new user registers for just a username, they’re never sent an email… they’re just held in wp_signups

    -when a new user registers for a blog&username, they’re sent an activation email, but the blog (which does work) doesn’t show up on the /blogs list nor on the /members/MEMBERNAME/blogs list after they activate. The blog does exist though if you go to

    I tried the SMTP plugin but that didn’t help matters at all.

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  • There was a bug with blog signups where they would be private not public. This has been fixed today. That would explain your second problem. The first I’m not sure, has anyone else experienced this?

    Michael Torbert


    Thanks apeatling. I downloaded the trunk from svn and #2 is fixed now.

    Burt Adsit


    I’ve had a problem similar to #1. The email is actually sent but the recipient’s email server just blocks it. They never get it. It doesn’t get sent to ‘spam’ like gmail or yahoo. They just don’t get it at all.


    Right? Try complaining to Microsoft. :)

    Michael Torbert


    So here’s the weird thing now. I tried registering on the site with different email addresses; including hotmail, gmail, yahoo, ones I host, and ones hosted at various hosting companies. None of them receive and email. If I grab the activation key from the database and manually type in the activation URL, then that user is activated and then sent the activation email, along with any followup emails.

    I had two friends try it, and it worked perfectly for both of them.

    I got a hosting account the other day with asmallorange just to play with buddypress, so I’m not able to check the mail logs without submitting a support ticket to their tech support, so I have no clue whether the emails in question are actually leaving the server.

    Burt Adsit


    Did you check your mail options settings in mu?





    They happy?


    Had the same problem. The I did a fresh install and used an email address on the same domain as the admin’s email: eg. site = and admin email =

    In my first installs I was using my work email during installation and for some reason it would not work.

    Hope this helps :)



    @BurtAdsit This is confirmed fact that Microsoft denies some emails even from getting into the junk??
    I have run several tests for the past 14 hours, and Yes hotmail/live/windowslive//msn all do not recieve activation..

    Now how do I MAKE them get it in that case?? Anyways you people know?? Should I set the email address I use to send as ( something ) or is there a work around?

    @dinoraptor101 this thread is a year and 7 months old, generally old threads aren’t resurrected can you start a new post for any issues you are having.

    fwiw if email servers are rejecting out of hand you need to check your mail delivery notification for error codes that should tell you why, if no failed delivery notifications then you’re doing something else wrong, however this is not necessarily a WP/BP problem unless you can establish that absolutely no emails leave the server.

    Also check whether you have a SPF record issue – the likes of Hotmail will probably/possibly have implemented this policy.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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