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Activation email sent on old adresse, not the new one

  • laudag


    WP 5.2.3
    WordPress as a directory install?
    BP 5.0.0
    Child theme of Virtue premium

    My problem doesn’t seem to be an issue, by a fonctionnality which seems weird.
    When a user wants to change his email adresse in his buddypress profile, then an activation mail is sent… to the old email that have been just changed, not on the new one. In case this user changes his adress because he doesn’t have any access to this old email, he is stuck.
    But if he changes his email adress in the WP user admin (actually, he can’t do that because he doesn’t have this access, only buddypress profile. it’s me who can make the test), WP send an activation email to the new adress.
    And I can see that the fist example is an activation mail sent by Buddypress (email layout of buddypress), and in the second, it’s sent by WordPress.
    So, it seems obvious that it’s a Buddypress action. I would like so that Buddypress send the activation mail on the new email adress of the user not the old one.

    But impossible to find any clue, or any option in the Buddypress setting, or any information in this forum or in the web. As if only me have this problem…

    Somebody could help me ?
    Thank you very much !

    Laurent DAGANY

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  • Hi Laurent,

    Thanks for your feedback, in my “souvenirs” WordPress was sending to the previous e-mail too.. I’m going to check asap. I’ll be back 🙂

    Well Laurent nice catch!

    I think it’s a bug we introduced in version 2.5. I will investigate more asap. You can follow our progress from this ticket:



    Excellent 🙂



    I just teste your patch : It’s OK ! Except one little thing that could be mistaken by the user : hte message in buddypress profile page after changing the email adress is something like that (in french in my web site) : The modification of youtr email adress for “new mail” is pending. Watch your email “old email” to get activation link, or stop the pending modification.

    Even if at last the user will find le mactivation in his news mailbox, That could be misunderstood as only sent on the old email and… get support from me whereas it’s not necessary.

    What do you think about that ?

    Thanks for the patch anyway !

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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