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Activity confusing group members?

  • Moominmama


    I’m struggling with how to help our site members understand that the group activity stream is NOT the group forum. Anyone have any thoughts about this? We’re getting folks posting on the wire, thinking that they’re posting on the forum and then getting frustrated because it doesn’t work the way they think a forum “should.” I’ve thought about disabling the activity stream but it’s so useful that I hate to do that. But I see some long conversations getting lost on there when they’d be much better placed on the forums.

    Any ideas on how to help people use the groups features to their best advantage?
    (Our site is here:

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  • techguy


    Go to your BuddyPress settings and set “Disable activity stream commenting on blog and forum posts?” to yes. That way they can comment on the activity stream, but not for forum posts where you want them to click through to the forum post and comment there.

    Probably long term it would be cool to have the Reply button on forum/blog posts just go to the forum/blog post comment area. I know this bifurcation of commenting has been discussed a number of times.



    Thanks @techguy. I had that disabled but what I ended up doing was also creating another set of activity files for my groups (groupactivity-loop.php, groupentry.php, grouppost-form.php) to turn off the “have news to share” or whatever the bubble says so that people can’t do announcements on the group page. That’s pushing people to post to the forums instead of posting to the groups. It’s imperfect but for now at least I think I can live with it! (And the imperfections of BuddyPress are NOTHING compared to the sheer beauty and fabulousness of it!!!!)


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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