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Activity Feed showing items twice

  • josh.grisdale


    As you can see in the screenshot, replying to someone creates duplicated item in the activity feed.

    Someone commented and I replied. It shows:

    > My reply (out of context)
    > Original Comment
    –> My reply (in context)

    Is there a way to only show nested comments? (ie not show the reply out of context)

    Thanks, Josh

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  • Huh. I can’t replicate this behavior. You’ll need to share more info about your site environment (plugins, versions, theme).

    On my several BP sites, nested commenting is working as expected, so I expect that it’s a combination of tools you’re using.



    Hello again.

    Thank you for the quick reply. My site is

    I use BuddyBoss for my theme. I changed to the Twenty Fifteen theme and it was fine there, so it seems to be a BuddyBoss issue.

    I played around a bit more and seem to found the possible bug:

    The filter selector “activity-filter-by”. It defaults to “Everything” but seems to be a bit off.


    1. Load activity stream normally and, as discussed before, there are duplicate updates.
    2. Change the filter from the default of “Everything” to something else ie “Posts” (the activity stream updates as expected)
    3. Change the filter back to “Everything” and it shows everything again BUT now all comments etc are nested and there are no duplicated comments.

    So, it appears that the original “Everything” filter is not working correctly.

    Again, it didn’t happen for the normal Twenty Fifteen template, so this seems to be a BuddyBoss bug.

    I have reached out to BuddyBoss support for help. But, in the mean time, can anyone suggest a way to fix this?

    Thanks again!



    did you ever resolve the issues of comments appearing twice? my site is doign that now too.

    Prashant Singh



    For him it was his theme’s bug. So you can also test once with the default theme like twentyseventeen and if it fixes the bug then certainly your theme have the issue. You have to then report to the theme developer.




    BuddyBoss claimed it was normal behavior for BuddyPress and I gave up…

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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