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Activity meta in select

  • prasadd1989



    I working on a custom template for activity loop, I want to display “add to favorite link”, “edit activity post”, “delete activity post” in the select box with 3 dots for each activity post on the top right corner like Facebook posts.
    I am using a plugin for BuddyPress edit activity to add edit functionality, which has added edit option on activity meta beside the comment favorite section on each post. I want these options to be displayed and use in the select field on each post. All the activity options are added on the activity meta besides a comment, favorite. I want to display only like, comment, and share in activity meta area and all other options viz. “favorite”, “edit”, “delete” to be inside the select field.
    I have made research to achieve this, but could not find resources, anybody please help me to achieve this.
    Can not share the link as the files are on localhost.

    Your help is appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.

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