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Activity page template?

  • mrgiblets


    Hey guys,

    Couple of questions…

    1) Where is the template for the site wide Activity page located?

    I’ve looked in here but it doesn’t mention anything about the code anywhere –

    2) I’d like to create my own Activity page called something other than Activity. Is this possible by replicating whatever code is in the current template or will it totally break BuddyPress? Does the core only look for a page called “Activity”?

    Can’t seem to find the answers anywhere else.


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  • mrgiblets


    Ok i’ve just realised that you can select any page to be the Activity page.

    Is this the only way of doing it or could the method above also work?




    I’m a newcomer to all of this and I can’t answer your overall question, but I can tell you how to change the name “Site-Wide Activity” on the activity page. You go to: wp-content>plugins>buddypress>bp-activity/bp-activity-loader.php and the title is towards the top the in $GLOBAL array. And you can change it from “Site-Wide Activity” to whatever you want.

    I’ll be following this tho. I’ve been looking for way to customize my BP wall and make it look not so bland. I hope someone else can help you further!



    @mrgiblets @ihavetodothis you can change the name of Sitewide Activity when you create a New Page and name it as “Vavoom” for example (leave text area blank) and publish that page. Then you go to admin menu Settings > BuddyPress > Pages and assign “Vavoom” for example to the Activity component and save.



    Thanks for the replies guys, but I want to do more than rename the page.

    I want to see the template code that is constructing the page so I can get a better idea of how Buddypress works.

    Any idea where this is located?

    Closing this thread as the question is being answered on a similar question by the OP:

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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