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Activity page with actual upload and post on the page

  • deeCT


    Hello! I am about to buy this – and I am wondering if this plugin can do this :

    1 – I need to be able to set up one page where all the users/members go to, and they can add / upload a photo / or text post to (not on their own profile activity page but one general portal page that all members go on and post to – like a facebook newsfeed page for example and a blog posts page that members can add a post) .
    (also ive seen your sitewide activity page but that just shows activity users do on their own pages – I want 1 page where they all can actually do the activity ie post and see posts)

    If this is possible do you have a screenshot of how this would look and how i would do this?

    2 – I also want other members to be able to comment and possibly rate on other users photos / text that they post

    3 – I need moderation _ I want an admin to be able to be sent an email to approve any posts on this page before they show on the live page

    Please could you explain how I could use your plugin to do this? Screenshots would be appreciated for 1-3 above

    Ps do you have login and registration pages?
    I cant seem to find these on your features page:?

    BuddyPress Components and Features


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  • mrjarbenne


    Hi Dee,

    I would suggest that you download the plugin and give it a try. If you already have a WordPress install, there isn’t anything to “buy”.

    Once you log in, the Main activity stream has a central area where users can post updates:

    2017 02 25 10 49 40

    Allowing users to post media to the activity stream, rather than just text, is going to require an additional plugin. Although I don’t use it, this will do the trick:

    Commenting on each other’s posts is there by design. If you go into Settings/Discussion you can set the Threaded Discussion depth in the same space you would manipulate this for blog posts.

    Rating each other’s posts could be done with

    Allowing users to also post to the blog on the site (as well as the activity feed) will require you to elevate their permissions. By default, users who are Subscribers (WordPress Roles can post to the Activity Stream, but not to the blog post. If you promote them to Contributor, they can post articles to the blog post as well: given your wish to moderate those posts, you want Contributor rather than Author, so you can read the posts first before publishing. You can’t moderate the activity feed. Users can post there freely (like FB)



    Hi there,

    Thankyou for the reply.

    The thing is, on your “site wide activity” page –

    The first post here “wrote a new post” looks like a notification that the user wrote a post,
    but it doesnt look like it shows the actual post or text the user posted?

    You have blanked this out, so does it show the actual text that a user posts?
    Do you have a screenshot of this?

    Secondly, Any idea or screenshot of what the activity steam looks like with photos etc using that additional activity plus plugin?

    Thirdly –
    How does admin or anyone we can set moderate what the users post on the “site wide activity” page? ie how do we make this non- automatic and only show once we have approved?

    Do you have a screenshot of what the login/ register page in buddypress looks like?
    ie I want users to register first before they can see the site wide activit ystream


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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