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Activity Replies: Too much indentation

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  • @mercime


    @dwenaus posted a styling work-around a while ago, of course up to a certain extent only … till trac ticket gets addressed
    adjust according to taste …

    Hugo Ashmore


    Ultimately it’s one of those issues that has no real solution, you can’t keep indenting something nested i.e compounding that indent. Nested levels are best capped really. It might be the case that the margin indent has to be removed for levels after say ~four

    This issue is , of course, made worse with a fluid layout.



    A way around this is to try and add a CSS class to each level of a comment, that way it would be possible to clear the offending threaded level to the next line. However such a CSS class doesn’t exist.

    Also, I spent some time looking at making activity comments flat instead of threaded. Recursive = headache!

    It’s possible to remove the “reply” link in activity comments via CSS, that way future activity updates are flat. But previous activity comments would still be threaded.



    I prefer the simply approach taken by facebook: one level of indent. in my opinion, nested comments are an ultra-cool headache.

    like posted above, my solution at should do the trick.



    @mercime Thanks for showing me @dwenaus‘ hack. I just got it running on my site a few moments ago as a temporary fix.

    @r-a-y I’ve done some C++ in the past, I know what you mean Recursive = Headaches. :P

    I guess no one has any ideas what the “real” fix will be on Trac. I suppose it’ll be something we think up ourselves. In an ideal situation what would be the ideal solution?

    Should it be an admin setting that chooses how many levels of nesting is allowed?
    Would it be logarithmic indentation?
    Some smooth jquery solution that let the reader scroll sideways?

    Hugo Ashmore


    With something that has the potential to, in effect, break a site layout, using client side scripting is never recommended as it doesn’t degrade gracefully, those with scripting off or blocked will suffer (granted that’s not many).

    As I said one option is to remove indents after a certain level and perhaps instead colour code their backgrounds.

    Better is that nested comments have a limit; isn’t that an option that WP has with threaded comments

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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