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Activity story aligning

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  • Nobody can solve this?



    @ciumbargi Big avatars at beginning of the stream denote “Major” activities which include new blog post published, new forum topic posted, etc. Small avatars at the beginning of the stream row denote “minor” activities which include joining a group, new friendships, new registrations, etc. So there is a method to distinguish which is which.

    If you still want to make those changes, add the following to your stylesheet
    <code>.activity-list .activity-avatar img.avatar,
    .activity-list .activity-avatar img.FB_profile_pic {
    height: 50px;
    margin-left: 0;
    width: 50px;

    If you’re using browsers like FireFox, Chrome or Safari, right click on the element you want to change, choose “Inspect Element” from the box which shows up and you’ll find the styles you would need to add/change in your  theme.

    @mercime – I could figure that the importance level is different for the small avatar items and bigger ones. My problem was with the alignment in my theme as it looks weird as the text next to the small avatar is below the level of the avatar not on the same line.

    I have inserted your code to make he small and big avatar the same size, it is an option indeed.

    I wanted the solution to put the text on the same line level but this is a ok trick too.


    P.s. If you have a solution for what i needed first i would appreciate the code.

    @ciumbargi no one could solve as there wasn’t an issue to solve what you have is your design, and how it thinks things should look, if you think otherwise then you are free to modify it this is the beauty of WP child themes but you do need to learn a little coding and get familiar with basic CSS.


    Mercime has provided a snippet of code if that’s not exactly what you need then you must try and modify it.

    @hugo, it is my problem but it is not my design. It is the incompatibility that buddypress has with lots and lots of themes. Instead of just pointing me to learn some more css the team could just accept a small flaw, investigate and if it is something they can use to improve their product just do that. 🙂

    I have to alter my design just because the original came with this kind of flaw.

    Thank you.



    @ciumbargi I don’t see why you should be blaming BuddyPress for any flaws 🙂 when you’re using a premium pagelines theme which requires afaik a premium pagelines plugin for BP compatibility. The style issues are either with your theme or your plugin and since you’ve paid for both, you should get support from author by posting in pagelines forums.

    @mercime I did not blamed anyone, i blamed the attitude. Any premium or free theme or plugin that will be used with Buddypress and has support for Buddypress must be treated in a better way as they promote through their use the Buddypress product. From what i can see Buddypress tries to offer maximum compatibility with any theme.

    So, the team can learn from premium plugins and themes the users offer when they have questions. That should be the attitude, according to the Buddypress statement.

    Again, this is a SUPPORT forum not at I Do not SUPPORT people asking and ways to improve our services.

    Pagelines offers their support, i expected a combined support where all 3 parties can learn not to act like there is a war out there. The option it is simple. You can choose to help or ignore the post. If a person asks for support offer it because they need it not because they want to disturb ones day.



    @ciumbargi know that those who help out in these forums are all volunteers who generously do their best to assist others even though they are not paid to do so. It is indeed unfortunate that you see an advice about how to find the correct selectors in different browsers as a negative even after some assistance was already given for what was not quite clear in the request.

    As I see it, the issue is resolved in your site viewing it using Firefox. If it is not, then I advise you to post at the Pagelines forums and include info about what browser you’re using so that they can fix it … thereby benefiting the rest of the Pagelines customers.

    Have a nice day.

    @mercime It is easy to say something it is fixed when you can hide behind free work. I am offering free assistance for 8 years now and i always acted like i got paid for that, even if it was not business. The idea is to provide support, i did not said you did not, i said that it is not complete. I Was also talking not about your attitude so do not feel offended as you were not the one pointing me to learn more css but you suggested i should find help to those who did not create the product.

    Again, it is easy to choose not to write to this post anymore if you feel the problem is solved. It is not as there are more than 1 browser out there and again it is a product not created by pagelines.

    It is like saying go to your teacher for something that your parent did. Should be the other way around.

    I wanted and i want support for everything to look nice. It is an NGO, it is the first community in an undeveloped country dedicated to people diagnosed with cancer and leukemia and building a database so they can find support in hospitals. I only asked if i can get some help not to be pointed somewhere else. I need to make a site that looks fine so they can easily work around no matter the browser. Their problem is not to download a modern browser but to use whatever they find to get help fast. Thank you.

    Sorry if what i said was taken personally, it has to do only with a job services provided, even if for free. I apologies  my interest is to help people that really need support. Again, some help would be appreciated from anyone.

    Good day 🙁

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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