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Activity Stream Problem

  • I have a problem with the Activity Stream of BuddyPress… I would like to see the Blog Comments in the activity, and when i go and click “Show Blog Comments” it says that “Sorry, there was no activity found. Please try a different filter.”. And i have around 14 comments made AFTER i installed BuddyPress…

    I even made a fresh install of WordPress 3.01, BuddyPress 1.2.6, and after that i made 1 comment, and when to the activity stream, and nothing appears, i even made a new user that wasn’t admin to see if that appears… Nothing! I even made to try a loop in my Home.php with the “bp_has_activities(‘display_comments=threadeds’)” and nothing, the only comments that appear are activity stream comments :((

    So where’s the problem ? At the fresh install i haven’t changed any options, and i was on the default buddypress theme…

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    “If you are using buddypress and you have your privacy settings set to block search engines, blog posts will not show up as part of the activity stream

    Hope this little bit of advice will save someone a few hours of sweat pouring, banging-head-against-wall agony.”

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