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Add BuddyPress User To Cart in WooCommerce?

  • juicyroots


    We’re working on a new project where someone (shopper) needs to add one or more BuddyPress users (contractors) to the cart. I’m not sure how to explain this, but here goes…

    In other words, a ‘shopper’ has a project they need worked on (they need to be able to add details about their project, and the work they need done)… Then, they would browse through profiles on the site, and add a ‘BuddyPress user/profile’ (contractor) to their cart (related to a particular project), checkout, etc. The BuddyPress users (contractors) are responsible for completing the work that the ‘shopper’ needs done.

    The difference between this model and other models, is that multiple contractors can be working on the exact same project for a single shopper’s project. Also, the costs are a little simpler than most models… Each ‘engagement’ is a fixed price and a fixed amount of work. If you want multiple contractors to be working on it at the same time, that is just another (more expensive) fixed price or package.


    As a shopper: I visit the site, create a new project with details, and then browse through the profiles of users in BuddyPress… find one(s) that I would like to complete my project… and add that user to the cart like a product.

    The contractor(s) then gets the details of the project and can accept or reject working on the project (they probably need to accept or reject before the ‘shopper’ is charged. Once the project work is complete, the contractor sends it back to the ‘shopper’ as digital files.

    This model is very close to picking a designer or coder for a project, with the exception that multiple people can be chosen to perform the same work. Projects are not hourly, they are fixed in price.

    Anyone have any experience, developers, plugins, sites, etc. that are similar to this?


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  • Renato Alves


    I’m working on something very similar to the scenario you just described. Here is an idea it might work for you:

    You could add/associate the contractors/user IDs with the WooCommerce cart. It would allow severals contractors to be associated with the same WooCommerce order/cart.

    Here is a possible workable model.

    – Add a project as a product;
    – Add BuddyPress profile users IDs to the product in the cart;
    – With the user IDs, you would fetch the users information to show their details;
    – Go to the cart/checkout process as normally you would;
    – Hook in WooCommerce to send the order but not charge it yet;
    – Send the job to the contractor/user;
    – Contractor accepts the job, hook in your payment gateway to perform the charge;
    – Contractor performs the job as suggested/described by you;
    – After job delivered by the contractor and accepted by the customer.

    A friend suggested I should consider using WooCommerce Pre-Orders.

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