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Add Friends, Friendships Page, BuddyPress Menu?

  • Bingo Bongo


    Hey Guys,

    I think I’m getting somewhere now 😉

    One thing that’s stumping me, is Adding Friends.

    I don’t see it on the friendships page, eg

    And I don’t see Add Friends on the BuddyPress dropdown menu in the Admin bar at the top of the page either (Activity, Profile, Notifications…etc down to Settings)

    I don’t see a link to ‘Members’ either on the BuddyPress dropdown menu, which would kind of help.

    Or even a link/tab on the User’s Profile page would be useful.

    Anything really to make it easier to Add Friends

    So, was wondering again if I’d missed something, or if it was just a case of going to the Members page.

    (I know I can add my own menu & I’ve done that under the main navigation menu for the site under Forums > Members, but it doesn’t have the nice Notification bubbles that the top Admin menu has)

    Any pointers would be great, thanks!

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