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Add ‘role’ to member-group relation

  • Bram Peerlings



    I’m currently developing a BuddyPress website and am wondering if (/ how) it is possible to extend the ‘member-group’-relation. Specifically, my situation is the following.

    The BP-site is supposed to host the members area and information of an organisation that exists online as well. This organisation has a board and several committess. Within these, people have a specific role. They might be chairman, treasurer, or commissioner for external affairs. These are properties of the member-group-relationship, as one person might have role A in group X, and role B in group Y.

    As far as I could see, this is not possible by default. Searching for plugins has yielded no effect, probably partially because my search term (involving ‘group role’ or ‘group function’) are often used to describe the member role, in the context of capabilities and permissions.

    As such, I’m wondering if anybody here knows of either

    • a plugin that allows me to do this; or
    • better search terms; or
    • is able to point me in the right direction (functions, hooks, filters) to support custom coding to achieve this

    Thank you for your suggestions!

    Best regards,

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