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Adding current users profile picture

  • cwlsmith


    Hey all,

    I am going to be using Apppresser to make my site into an app, ad part of their “package” is something called AppWoo which essentially adds a couple more features to Woocommerce sites. I want at least one of these features, except, I don’t plan on ever using Woocommerce or any kind of commerce functionality for my site.

    That being said, one of the features the extension adds is the user’s profile picture in the left panel menu. I want that same thing, but I don’t know how to grab the user who is logged in’s profile picture to put there. I know I need to add some code to the functionality. And I’ve gotten this far:

    	 * Add profile pic to left panel menu
    	 * @since  0.0.1
    function left_panel_profile() {
        //Put your html and whatnot in here that you want to show up in the sidebar.
        <div class="example">
            I'd be smiling right now if I had a photo!
    add_action( 'appp_left_panel_before', 'left_panel_profile' );

    This was straight from Apppresser, but they refuse to tell me anymore… Like how to grab the user’s profile and picture to put in the top of the menu.

    Can someone help me and let me know what needs to be input to show that?


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