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Adding hyperlink to activity stream – Dead Link when Click Photo or Title Links

  • bermudastream


    If I paste a link in the activity stream of the website such as the following a white content box is created with the post /page title and a photo. However it is not possible to follow these links with a single left click of the mouse but instead you have to right click (which is usually for properties and additional information) and then choose to follow the link . Otherwise there is a blue link with the title repeated above the box and that is immediately clickable.
    If the same link is put on a page only the content box with the title and the photo is created and can be followed with one simple click of the mouse.
    This seems to be a “flaw” in a buddypress update as a year or so ago if I pasted a link in the activity stream only the content box was created and with one click on the title or photo you would be taken to the original post .

    Thanks in advance for any solutions offered!

    buddypress version Version 10.6.0 |
    wp version: 6.1.1

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